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at the end of your way you will answer for your sins

This would be epic if this was made ren'py😭 so sad I only use my phone and I cannot run the game

Hi, friend! It's me MoonCrow dev. I realize that I may be a little late, but I have released a new game with mouse and touchscreen support. I would be happy if you test the game and tell me if it's worth it.

Well it seems still unplayable for mobile, browser vers is zooming and offline vers isn't running using joiplay (maybe need html or exe file to run? Idk)

Sorry if my english is bad

Oh golly! Just found this problem today. I tried to fix it for several hours, but it seems that the game engine itself does not support dynamic resize on the web, or I'm just dumb and don't know how to do it. In any case, thanks for the feedback! It seems that my dream to enter the mobile platform did not come true. Such a waste ...

Could you try to run browser file using joiplay, the app available in google playstore

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Well, I launched the HTML folder and it works, but the game still runs at the default fixed size, despite the project settings I set to stretch the screen. The problem is that the game can't stretch itself to fit the phone's screen when it switches to full screen mode. I've tried everything, but nothing works. I'm sorry it didn't work out that way. So far I see two ways. I will either have to make versions of games with resolution for small screens or change the engine. And the last option seems to me less tempting at the moment.




Of course, a downloadable version would be better. And yes, a downloadable flash file can be played just fine offline, so yes please :)

Bad suggestion, bruv.

Flash has been dead for years... I'm actually surprised that anyone remembers that flash was ever a thing, it's been dead so long.

Definitely won't help with porting to android, no flash version has ever been compatible because flash is an untenable security risk... Android has always refused to run flash for security reasons.

I'd love if I could download this


Well, mate, I can only provide a downloadable flash file of the game, since the standard version of the Stencyl engine that I use doesn't allow exporting games to Windows and other platforms. Still interested?


Android absolutely will not run flash for security reasons.

If anyone does find a workaround... they quickly find a brick that looks like their device.